RC Apache Helicopter – 5 Models To Consider

remote control appache heliWhat is it about the RC apache helicopter that makes you want to go out and buy one of these awesome machine.

I don’t know about you, but when I am flying one of these babies I sometimes imagine that I am the pilot from the film Wings of the Apache. I know, sad or what but let me tell you the apache rc helicopter is a real joy to fly.

Did you know, there is an apache available which is one of the only rc helicopters that can shoot bb pellets? Check out the video here. Can you imagine some of the fun time you could have with one of these killers, trying to shoot other helis out of the sky?

I could go on all day about some of the things you could get up to, when shooting those BB pellets, but enough of living in a fantasy world for now.

Lets get on to choosing the best rc apache helicopter for you.

There is 3 things you should keep in mind when it comes to your new-found hobby.

  1. Do you want your apache rc helicopter to have the same look and feel as the real thing,?
  2. Do you want your helicopter to be a top performer in the skies?
  3. Or would you just like your rc apache helicopter to be fun and easy to fly?

Listen, I know it is totally your decision, you choose the helicopter that suits you. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up to show you a couple of things I think you should consider before you part with your hard-earned cash.

Top RC Apache Helicopters

  •  Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

So a friend of mine has owned one of the Syma S109g for around a year now, I can tell you he loves it. It was very well priced at the time of purchase. If memory serves, he was able to snap it up for around $21.00.

Here’s the great part, it is still in as good a condition today as it was the first time it was taken out of the packaging.

If you are looking a good value for money, easy to fly,  fast, swift and because of the built-in gyro technology, the Syma 109 RC apache helicopter will be a very easy helicopter to learn to fly with.

I have to be honest by telling you, I don’t personally own one of the Syma S109g, but from what I am hearing from fellow RC helicopter freaks, the 109 will keep you occupied for hours on end.

If you do go on to purchase this RC apache helicopter, there is a few things you are going to really like. It will seem a little bit slow at first, but don’t worry, because once it’s in the air you will have a tremendous amount of stability and you are able to perform more complex maneuvers. 

Another great feature is the flight time, If you keep the helicopter in the air continuously, you will get between 7 – 9 minutes, which isn’t bad for a helicopter this size. Recharge time from your laptop should take no longer than 45 minutes.

  • Syma S113G Apache Military Coaxial RC Helicopter

As you can see I have chosen another Syma helicopter as my second choice apache. Like the 109, the S113g is a very good choice of helicopter for beginner or experienced fliers alike. Coming fully assembled and ready to fly straight out of the box, the Syma S113 is the newest model military helicopter to hit the shops.

Syma recommends the user of this helicopter be of 14 years and up. However if it’s up to me I would have no problem letting my 12-year-old son toy with it. Because it’s so easy to fly, anyone of around 12 years old and upwards will have no problem getting this little gem up in the air.

A feature I like about the s113 is the 2 speed tail rotor button for faster or slower movements. If you have the slower setting in place, you will find you are able to fly the helicopter indoors without the fear of doing any damage to it or any of the surrounding obstructions.

My favourite feature has to be the non spring-loaded throttle. OK, so this is only a simple feature, but this means, once I have the helicopter in the air I am able to set the controller down and see how the helicopter hovers in mid-air.

Here’s a quick comparison for you. If you already own the S109 you will be aware that the landings can be a little bit rough. However with the Syma S113g RC apache helicopter you will find this is not the case as the s113 offers a much smoother, cleaner touch down in the landing zone.

Final Thought

Listen, you are going to get a few cry babies when you are looking for different reviews on this product, so all I would say is listen to what Syma has to say about it.  Fly it in the right place, give it a bit of a trim up you will really begin to appreciate what this heli can do for you.

  • Sky-botz Apache 3-CH 2.4 GHZ RC Helicopter

Ok, so the Sky-botz apache would not get as good of customer reviews as the Syma 113 or the 109, but I had to give it a mention here today. Having features such as the 25 minute charge time,  8 – 12 minute flight time and the built-in gyro as standard. The sky-botz apache is not to be laughed at when you are thinking about your purchase.

Having an overall length of 15.5″ , it is able to fly gracefully and is fully functional, equipped with Gyroscope technology, which makes this a really hot seller in the RC world. You can charge the helicopter directly from the USB cable and controller which uses three “AAA” batteries. It also has a fully functional trim control for perfect flying.

Listen, this helicopter is a real blast to fly. It will work perfectly straight out of the box. With the right practice you will be flying this helicopter like a pro in no time at all.

If you are looking good value for money and a reasonable quality RC apache helicopter, then I don’t see any reason why you should not give this helicopter a chance.

  • Helizone Combat Fighter 3.5 Channel Gyro Missile Shooting RC Helicopter

This little gem is just like any other RC helicopter you buy, except for one feature, it’s able to fire missiles at will. Imagine the fun you could have with this helicopter. You are able to release the 2 missiles by a button that is located on the transmitter. Depending on the height you are flying, you should be able to fire the missiles to a distance of around 8-10 feet.

The helicopter itself is very stable and maneuverable, making it one of the easiest helicopters you will ever fly.

If you are into pestering your cat or any other house pet for that matter, this could be the right helicopter for you. Once you get this helicopter in the air and begin to shoot those missiles you will think that it is totally awesome.

If you happen to crash this helicopter a few times, check the top rotor because sometimes you may notice it’s not spinning very fast which will make the helicopter very difficult to take off.  This can happen because the screw holding the 2 rotors together can come loose.

  • UDI-RC Apache 3 Channel Heli 2.4G

You might think this RC helicopter is a little bit over priced, but as the saying goes “You get what you pay for” For me it’s  another example of a well put together helicopter and I would have no problem paying the price.

This little beauty can take a real beating, I have seen them crash into kitchen ware, televisions and even the occasional pet cat but this will not stop this heli getting right back at it.

It has to be noted that this RC apache helicopter was made for beginners in mind. The features include a realistic Apache attack chopper body over a strong lightweight frame. Twin rotors, plus an on board gyro make the U10 stable and very easy to fly.

You can get added value with the turbo mode pressed. This option gives the helicopter extra speed and sensitivity when you are trying the quick get away.

I hope this guide has given you a few insights into choosing your Apache RC helicopter. In the end though, it’s you who must make the crucial choice.

Gary Wilde