Best RC Helicopter With Camera Reviews & Buyers Guide [2017]

rc helicopter with camera

Whether you are a hobbyist or looking for a more serious application, finding a remote control helicopter with camera is simple enough and at the right price, there is sure to be something for you that will catch your attenion.  Today’s remote control helicopters are leaps and bounds beyond what hobbyists have been used to in the past.

The current technology offers a level of control in the remote operations that is unprecedented. That increased control makes for a fun ride for the “pilot” at the controls. It also means a greater range. Adding the latest in camera technology to these remote control helicopters also provides an interesting new angle to operating these helicopters.

The camera allows for an exhilarating view from the helicopter itself. This can have useful applications if you want to get a look somewhere that is difficult for people to get to. It also helps with piloting the helicopter at long distances. The designs of these helicopters are also becoming more varied and sophisticated.

With the variations in design and technology it is useful to take a look at several different models that are causing a splash right not. A quick look online will result in some interesting model that represent the latest in technology. They are fun to operate and have a variety of uses.

Remote Control Helicopter Models With Camera

The first remote helicopter with a camera that we will look at is the

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with Intergrated FPV Camcorder.

The sleek design and white color with orange/red accents is reminiscent of something from Star Wars. The Phantom 2 features a complete aerial camera system that records 1080p video and takes 14 MP still pictures.

It provides live feed on you iOS or Android device. It allows even amateurs to capture stunning aerial footage.

It also has Intelligent Orientation Control, ready to fly design and advanced GPS-guided autonomous functionality.

DJI-Phantom-2 Remote control helicopter with camera

The next is:

Haktoys HAK738C 2.4GHz Larg 30” Video & Photo Camera 3.5CH Helicopter.

This model features a more traditional design in red and black with two sets of blades.

It is  electric powered with 3.5 channels. It has a built-in Gyroscope for maximum stability.

It also has adjustable speed with slow-fast mode. It also features an alloy metal body, coaxial rotor, single rear rotor and a detailed Paint Job.

With an intelligent R/C system and 360 precise directional movement it has a smooth hovering performance

The next remote with a camera is:

Hubsan H107DFPV X4 Mini RTF Quadcopter

This one features a quad design with the four blades set on four wings jutting out from the flat, cylindrical body.

The alternating white and red blades and white body has a modern look. The Hubsan also comes with a palm control device that has a video game look with an LCD screen that links to the Hubsan’s camera.

It contains an SD card that allows for recording the footage of the camera.

It is suitable for indoor and outdoor flight due to the ultra-stable 6-axis flight control system. With immersive FPV flight you can really take off.

The final helicopter we will look at is the Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter.

This one features a high-tech, alien sort of design with four circles attached to a spine and the blades in the middle of the circle. It is easy to control using Wi-Fi and your smartphone or tablet.

The Director Mode on this drone allows the user to pre-program movements and shoot video like a professional director. It has firmware that allows for shooting steady and clear video even in windy and choppy conditions.

You can individualize the colors- sand, snow or jungle. You also get a pair of customized color propeller blades. It also features cameras in front and back and allows the user to switch between

This has been just a brief range of a remote control helicopter that are available.

It should be clear that there are a wide range of products to suit individual tastes. Modern cameras combined with modern remote control through the latest devices make for high quality and stunning video and pictures. It is clearly a great time for anyone who is into remote control helicopters to find the right one for them.

Gary Wilde