Jogoto Thunderbird X8 Remote Control Helicopter Review

To be totally honest with you, I do not own the Jogoto Thunderbird X8 remote control helicopter, but I have had the pleasure of flying one of these bad boys.

Let me start off by telling you that this rc helicopter is a real dream to fly compared to some of the more expensive RC helis that are available today.


The Jogoto Thunderbird has a lot to offer with its features, stability and versatility. No matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned RC helicopter enthusiast, this could be the one you have been waiting for.

  • Easy to maneuver and great response.  It’s also extremley strong and the chassis is able to take a considerable hit. Having said that, I would try and avoid crashing it or flying it into walls:)
  • One of the coolest features is, you are able to mount a light weight camera to let it record all your fantasic flying skills.
  • It comes ready to fly out of the box. This is a good feature because sometimes when you buy an rc helicopter you have to try and figure out how to put the thing together.
  • Even with the single rotor it is a very easy helicopter to fly as it is 4 channel. This helps considerably with maneuverability and control.

I want you to take the time and check out the video below. It’s just a short video to let you see the X8 Thunderbird in action. As the video begins to play you will quickly notice how the helicopter is very easy to control and is able to do some scary maneuver. OK, so they are not scary but they sure as hell are a whole lot of fun to watch. Enjoy!


In This Jogoto Thunderbird X8 remote control helicopter review I am going to show you that this helicopter has plenty of proven attributes that make it a leader in the industry. Among several unique advantages of this unit is the ability to deliver  very smooth flying capabilities that even your Grandpa could use.

It’s able to with stand the test of time when it gets knocked around as you adjust to your new found hobby.

Has a flight time of around 8 minutes and a recharge time of approximately 60 minutes. Has top rated functions such as 3D action & side flying up, down, forward, backward, right turn, left turn, fly left and fly right.

I own an RC Toy store and when I saw this I knew I had to purchase some for my store. I managed to pick up a bulk consignment on ebay and from the one that I tested I can say that it was totally awesome!  As for my customers, anyone who has bought it says it is a fantastic product. Overall I would highly recommend this RC Heli to anyone who is looking in the market for top notch quality.

What about any draw backs?

Well to be honest there has been a few consumers that has bought it and had a few problems first one that springs to mind is someone bought it and found that it was missing the coupler to the flybar. This left it unable to fly and the customer very dissatisfied

Bottom Line

There is always someone who is not going to be happy with this product but I hope my Jogoto Thunderbird X8 Remote control helicopter review has helped you understand that this is a very reliable product that is suitable for beginner or seasoned RC fan alike.

Gary Wilde