Gas Powered RC Cars Reviews

For those unfamiliar with the term RC cars, let me break it down for you. RC stands for remote controlled, or radically controlled. So just like the term suggests, RC cars use a remote to control their movement.

Think of those toy cars kids play with on the playground, or even in the house (the one you wish you hadn’t bought for your son because he keeps driving it around the house creating a nuisance and limiting your movement).

They are usually fully equipped with forward propulsion and braking features. However, unlike the normal cars, these do not require a steering wheel due to their remote control function.

RC cars are a great joy not just to kids, but also to adults who indulge in them as a hobby. Just like normal cars, RC cars also require some maintenance services done on them for full functionality.

The main difference between toy grade RC cars and hobby grade is in the design. While toy grade is not dependent on the production costs, hobby grade RC cars are equipped with electrical components, among others, that make them more expensive.

Hobby grade models of RC cars are categorized into three main groups, electric, nitro 5000 powered and gas powered. The electric types use units for speed control that are electric or mechanical for power adjustments to the electric motor.

Nitro 5000 powered RC cars control their movement and braking through a single servo.

The gas powered RC cars, which our main focus in this article use gas and oil. This is the main reason they cost so much more than the electric or nitro 5000 types.

They may have a lower speed than the other two types, but their incredible power make up for the lack of speed. Besides their powerful nature, gas remote control cars need lesser maintenance and the mixture of gas and oil running them are cheaper. What’s more, their engine lasts longer.

One factor to consider when purchasing gas remote control cars is the ground terrain. For roads that are paved, one with a touring body is ideal. However, if you want to operate one on a rough terrain, a gas powered RC car with a buggy body is best.

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

The attractive Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is one of the best gas powered RC cars in the market most suitable for rough terrain, thanks to its low gearing feature accompanied with two motors.

There are different colors that will have people spoilt for choice and easy to drive. It comes complete with both a battery pack and charger.

What makes a Maisto RC Rock Crawler the best model for kids is the small radio control that easily fits their small hands. The RC car is easy for a kid to drive, as well as set up. It is the best recommendation for kids or someone learning how to drive an RC car for the first time.

The RC car comes together with batteries in a pack and a charger.

Maisto RC 1:24 1967 Ford Mustang

Another RC car is the Maisto RC 1:24 1967 Ford Mustang. Its model is quite similar to the real Mustang model, which makes it the best buy among adults in love with Mustangs.

The steering satisfies left-right steering, as well as forward-reverse steering. The best feature of this RC car that makes it stand out from the rest is its ability to consume very little battery charge.

It comes together with a battery pack and charger upon purchase.

The Traxxas RTR 1/10 Jato 3.3 2WD 2.4GHz

The Traxxas RTR 1/10 Jato 3.3 2WD 2.4GHz gas powered remote control car is another favorite among amazon RC car lovers. It has a newly installed transmitter and receiver of 2.4GHz which makes remote control very easy.

Its 3.3 extreme racing engine from TRX provides lots of power of more than 65mph at top speed. It also comes with blue tuned pipes made from aluminum and highly performing tires made from asphalt.

These tires give a great performance of 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds. It has an increased stability from the front to the rear which makes it awesome for rough terrain, as well as a wheelie bar.

The graphics on its body are super attractive and come in different colors presenting RC car lovers with a range of options.

Traxxas RTR is a favorite among many RC truck lovers due to its incredible speed of up to 100km/hr. In addition, you can upgrade it or even customize it. Their radio control can be used over a long distance and compatible with an iPod or iPhone if you want finer tuning.

There is an availability of the Traxxas Apps bought from Apple stores that adds to the superiority of the control features and performance.

Most people prefer this amazing RC car because it is easy to start and drive. Apart from that, its tough exterior makes it more durable as it is able to accommodate lots of impact.

It has a recommendable speed and its ability to ease in is a preferred property among RC car fans. It might consume more gas than expected when breaking in, but once it does, it is smooth sailing henceforth.

There are several gas powered RC trucks as well. That is, besides the Traxxaz RTR. Another favorite with excellent performance is the 1/16 2.4 GHz Exceed RC ThunderFire that has a huge capacity fuel tank great for racing in rough terrain due to its high endurance.

There is a baffle that is in-built whose purpose is to prevent sloshing. In addition, the fuel line filter is in-built, which prevents impurities from accumulating into the engine, as well as its other parts. The braking function is exquisite due to the metal disc and sport brakes allowing not only smooth braking power, but also a sudden powerful one.

The RC truck takes full advantage of its 7 CXP engine with its wide ratio transmission of 1-speed.

The shocks are filled with oil and beautifully designed to produce high performance. The suspended arms are great for stability on the roughest terrains.

It is smaller version of the 1/10 Thunder fire which makes it much easier to maneuver around rough terrain as it is more stable. Its ability to prevent sloshing is another great advantage that allows for longer life span compared to the other RC trucks.

It is bought together with a 1/16 painted Lexan body, an instruction manual, 7 CXP engine and a 2.4GHz system for radio control transmission.

You can buy the parts for this RC truck online from the comfort of your home making it a convenient purchase.

People love its starting and tuning functions, as well as its speed for a 0.7 motor. It is inexpensive in terms of gas and oil as its 2 break-in tanks consume very little. That makes it a good money saver.

The Lightning EPX Drift 1/10 scale

Drifting is one of the popular driving methods where an RC car driver over steers the car causing the rear wheels to create a low traction all the time maintaining control from the entry point of a corner to the exit point.

RC drift cars are usually modified with better shocks, motors, tires and brakes to create a better drifting action. There are several drift cars for sale on amazon as well as other selling sites.

The Lightning EPX Drift 1/10 scale is one of the examples of RC drift cars for sale. They are equipped with 27T 540 brush motor for special drifting.

These RC drift cars are much easier to drive on rough terrain with great performance, thanks to their enhanced capabilities.

It has the best (easiest) recovery action that makes it the best RC drift car to purchase. It is purchased with battery packs for both the truck and remote control transmitter including a charger

.Amazon has some of the best models of gas powered remote controlled cars at remarkable prices. You can get a lot more RC cars on amazon that come with five star ratings. There are cheap ones and expensive ones all depending on the features they provide.

Try these gas powered RC cars and have some fun driving them.

Gary Wilde